Work permit in Vietnam 3

Penalties on Working Without Work Permit in Vietnam

Vietnam has become an attractive destination for foreigner investors due to the impressive development of socio – economic in recent years. This is such a good opportunity for Vietnamese enterprises to get cooperation in business with foreign partners. To take advantage of the opportunities to be the pioneer and market share, many of them have ... Read More
Set-up company in Phu Quoc

Why Investors Should Set up Business in Phu Quoc?

The improvement in infrastructure system along with the preferential policies have stimulated investors to come to  set up business in Phu Quoc and do company. Phu Quoc, an island in Kien Giang of Vietnam is in the top of three islands having tourism potential in Southeast Asia comparable to Phuket in Thailand and Bali in Indonesia.  Phu ... Read More
Planning Law in Vietnam

What Are Rights and Obligations of Foreigners Owning Properties in Vietnam?

According to the current Vietnamese law, the ownership of houses in Vietnam by foreigners has changed significantly towards more openness. However, home ownership of foreigners and Vietnamese citizens are still different. Foreign house ownership is allowed in commercial housing construction projects only (i.e., only in newly formed residential areas), not an area of national defense ... Read More
Contract_ Drafting_ Law _Firm_ in_ Vietnam

Temporary Residence Card in Vietnam

If a foreigner have been sponsored work permit in Vietnam to work or he/she decides to set up a company in Vietnam, he/she could be granted temporary residence card to live in Vietnam instead of applying and re-newing business or travel visas every three months. We detail here some procedures which help foreigners to prepare ... Read More
Marriage Law Firm in Vietnam-2

Marriage and Divorce in Vietnam

Vietnam family laws covers all legal matters concerning marriages and divorces, including marriage registration procedures, and divorce procedures, matters concerning separate or joint ownership assets and property, child custody, child support, and dispute on related matters. Vietnam marriage laws have developed during the past 40 years and are still connected with changes in the thinking ... Read More
Set-up business in Da Nang

Why Da Nang is a Place for Setting up Business

Da Nang has been creating flexible policies, good environments attracting foreign investors setting up company, building factory, and developing service business. Da Nang is a social and economic center of central area of Vietnam with the role as the center of industry, trade and tourism and service.  It is a seaport city, an important transport ... Read More
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Benefits of Investors in Setting up a Business in Da Nang

Da Nang is one of the five major cities in Vietnam, having a geographical location that is particularly conducive to rapid and sustainable economic development. Da Nang has important transportation routes such as the China-ASEAN international railway crossings, seaports and international airports. Da Nang is one of the tourist centers of the country, has rich ... Read More

Procedure to change birth certificate in vietnam

How to Change Name on Birth Certificate in Vietnam? Changing family name, middle name, first name are considered changing civil status.  Due to different reasons that an individual needs to change his/her name or his/her children’s name on the birth certificate. Such changes are civil status changes governed under the Law on Civil status. However, ... Read More
Anti-dumping Law Firm in Vietnam

Regulation On Imposing Anti-Dumping Duty under Vietnam Laws

Imposition of anti-dumping measure includes imposition of provisional anti-dumping duty and official anti-dumping duty. According to Law on export and import duties 2016, anti-dumping duty means an additional import duty imposed upon dumped imports in Vietnam that cause or threaten to cause considerable damage to domestic manufacturing or prevent the formation of domestic manufacturing. The ... Read More
Distinguish Assignment of Industrial Property Rights And the Licensing of Industrial Property Rights in Vietnam

Distinguish Assignment of Industrial Property Rights And the Licensing of Industrial Property Rights

According to Law on Intellectual Property in Vietnam, industrial property rights means rights of an organization or individual to inventions, industrial designs, designs of semi-conducting closed circuits, trademarks, trade names and geographical indications, trade secrets which such organization or individual created or owns, and the right to prevent unfair competition. Accordingly, these rights may be transferred to ... Read More

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