Planning Law in Vietnam

How Foreigners Could Buy Real Estate in Vietnam?

Regulations on foreigners owning real estate in Vietnam are regulated in Civil Code 2015, Law on Land 2013, Law on Housing 2014, Decree no. 99/2015/ND- CP on guidelines the Law on Housing and related documents. For land, foreign individuals are not eligible to use land assigned or leased by the State, recognized land use rights, ... Read More
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The Note of New Provisions of Law on Planning Decree No.37/2019/ND-CP

The Law on Planning 2017 has been effective from January 01st, 2019. On May 07th, 2019, the Decree no. 37/2019/ND-CP details some articles of Law on planning is effective. This Decree details some articles of Law on Planning including the Article 15,17,19,24,25,26,27,30,40,41 and 49 of Law on Planning. This Decree applies to organizations and individuals ... Read More

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