The new policies going into effect from November 2012.Chính sách mới có hiệu lực từ tháng 11/2012.

Since the first half of November 2012, a series of policies and new regulations will officially take effect. As follows: 1. From November 1st 2012, when the Circular 147/2012/TT-BTC takes effect, people who had been sanctioned by the State Securities Commission of Vietnam will also be considered for certification of the securities practices certificate. Time limit for … Read More

Fee to operate trade promotion representative office.

  From January 1st 2013, the foreign trade promotion organizations in Vietnam when licensed to establish a representative office in Vietnam will have to pay fee. This content is mentioned in Circular 187/2012/TT-BTC about the collection, payment and management of the licensing fee to establish representative offices of foreign trade promotion organizations in Vietnam. Renewal fee: … Read More

New policies coming into effect from November 16th – 30th.

Since the second half of November 2012, a number of policies and new regulations will officially come into effect. 1. From November 16th, technologies that have one of these following criteria will not be allowed to transfer: no labor safety, labor hygiene; generate hazardous waste; wasting resources; mining exploitation that have low recovery target compared with that of … Read More

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