Procedure to change birth certificate in vietnam

How to Change Name on Birth Certificate in Vietnam? Changing family name, middle name, first name are considered changing civil status.  Due to different reasons that an individual needs to change his/her name or his/her children’s name on the birth certificate. Such changes are civil status changes governed under the Law on Civil status. However, ... Read More
Birth certificate registration in Vietnam

Birth Registration with Foreign Element

From January 1st 2016, the Law on Civil Status of 2014 went into effect, replacing other documents on the registration and management of civil status. Accordingly, the law has clearly defined the authority for registration and management of civil status of the Commune People's Committee and the District People's Committee. Commune People's Committee in charge ... Read More

Announcement of Changes of Management

Law on Enterprise is one of the most important acts passed last year by Vietnam National Assembly which will take effect in 2015. In the newly released Law on Enterprises, several significant changes include: the company is required to inform changes in manager identity to the licensing authority if there is any changes in name, … Read More

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