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Why Client Should Retain Real Estate Lawyers in Vietnam?

Benefits of retaining a Real Estate Lawyer in Vietnam Due to changes in law attracting foreigners to come to live, and invest in Vietnam, foreigners have growing interest in investment and acquiring real estate.  However, as real estate is valuable assets, the law on real estate ownership and real estate transactions are complicated, especially for ... Read More
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How to Buy Apartment in Vietnam

Real estate, apartment in Vietnam has passed the most difficult period and stabilized. But to satisfy the house demand of 90 million people, it’s need to have many changes in laws. ANT Lawyers will update the proposal of an expert in issue of definite ownership apartment. As many other countries such as in England, the ... Read More
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Business Conditions for Condominium Management Training Service

On July 1st 2016, the Government issued Decree No. 79/2016/ND-CP guiding the business of training service, improving the professional knowledge, management profession and operation of condominium. Accordingly, organizations and individuals providing the above services must fully satisfy the 05 following conditions: - First, the organization was established and operating in Vietnam; has the function of ... Read More
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New Vietnam Real Estate draft law giving more rights to foreigners in Vietnam

ANT Lawyers’ real estate legal practice gives client legal advice on real estate legal matters in Vietnam.  We are keeping track with changes in the Vietnam legal environment to ensure giving our client the best advice. Real estate market in Vietnam is experiencing a difficult time.  The government has realized that there is a huge … Read More

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