Patent Attorney

Under Intellectual Property Law of Vietnam, invention is a technical solution which must be of worldwide novelty, involves inventive steps and is applicable in various social and economic fields.

The subject of invention and utility solution may be a device, process, substance, microorganisms, cell culture, and use thereof in accordance with a new function. Subject shall not be protected as inventions include: plant or animal varieties; method for prevention, diagnosis or treatment of diseases in human being, animals or plants; topographical design of integrated circuits; computer programs.

ANT Lawyers IP practice provides clients patent services as following:

  • Advise legal matters and the patent-ability of inventions and utility solutions in Vietnam and in abroad;
  • Conduct patent searches and provide information on invention or utility solution, advice measures to protect patent or utility solution in Vietnam and abroad;
  • Complete the applications (including translating, writing patent description, preparing illustrative drawings of patent) and file to register invention license or utility solution;
  • Enforce the invention or utility solution rights, including investigation, supervision, negotiation, mediation, lawsuit initiation to handle infringement in Vietnam and oversea.
  • Advise matters related to maintenance, payment of maintenance fee; recording of all changes of patent application/registrations;
  • Draft, evaluate, register usage or ownership transfer of contracts on invention or utility solution;

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