Trademarks are an important part of client company’s competitive edge. The Intellectual Property law in Vietnam has acknowledged the rights of companies and individuals to protect their trademark; encouraged such companies and individuals to establish IP rights and commercialize IP rights including trademark for their economic benefits.

It has been obvious that the protections of trademark have created significant value in intangible assets. Hence, the manufacturers of various products and service providers could establish and protect their identities and the identities of their products or services in the marketplace through the creation and protection of names, designs, logos, and explore strategies for protecting potentially valuable trademarks. Further, it is important to be ready to design an ongoing maintenance strategy to protect, extend, and maximize the value of trademarks, and discuss strategies for responding to possible trademark infringement if any.

ANT Lawyers IP practice helps you protect these valuable intellectual assets through trademark registration, oppositions, and other trademark protection resolutions in Vietnam.

In particular, ANT Lawyers IP practice offers client services as following:

  • Trademark Availability Searches
  • Trademark Watch Service
  • Trademark Filings & Trademark Registrations 
  • Renewals
  • Recordals of Amendments, Assignments, Merger Agreements, Licences
  • Filing Opposition & Responses

Our trademark attorneys in Vietnam will process client’s trademark registration services in Vietnam by carrying out the following steps:

  • Providing our clients with cost estimates for searching and filing applications
  • Conducting comprehensive clearance searches including analysis about registration of the required trademarks and providing advice on the most appropriate and cost-effective method to obtain a clearance
  • Preparing and filing trademark applications, including obtaining appropriate legalization of documents and translations (if applicable) to register trademark in Vietnam.
  • Responding to objections raised by Registrars and potential third party oppositions
  • Negotiating settlement agreements when necessary to overcome prior marks
  • Obtaining a Certificate of Trademark Registration once your trademark is approved
  • Recording changes in name and address of proprietor, assignments, licenses and renewals of trademarks
  • Providing solutions for trademark protection in Vietnam.

How ANT Lawyers Could Help Your Business?

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