Intellectual Property and Trademark Registration in Vietnam

Trademark is a sign for consumers to identify the goods or services of each company from those of others.

In Vietnam, many businesses today have not paid sufficient attention to trademark protection. Only when their trademarks would be infringed by other companies or competitors, they really concern to protect their trademarks and business through trademark registration, trademark opposition or take further actions.  Such situation will negatively impact the business financially.

                            Trademark Registration Services in Vietnam

Trademark rights will be protected within the national territory, therefore when a trademark has been registered in Vietnam, it will be protected in Vietnam.  If one company wishes their trademarks to be protected in other countries, it could:

-Directly register in each country or

-Register via the Madrid International registration by filing a single application which indicates the registrations at respective countries.

If registered under the Madrid International, firstly, trademarks must have been submitted trademark applications or have registered in Vietnam, depending on whether the country for protection is under the Madrid Protocol or the Madrid Agreement.

Law on Intellectual Property and its related documents could also be referred to for further information.

ANT Lawyers’ services in the field of trademark registration advice covers:

-Look-up, assess and consult possibilities to register trademark in Vietnam and abroad;

-Represent clients in applying for certificates of trademark registration, record modification, extend degree of trademark protection in Vietnam and abroad;

-Evaluate the effectiveness of the certificate of trademark registration in Vietnam and the possibility of trademark rights violation;

-Implement of the protected trademark rights: investigate, monitor, negotiate, seek arbitration or initiate a lawsuit or request other competent agencies for handling of infringement in Vietnam and abroad;

-Negotiate, draft, evaluate and register the of changing trademark ownership in Vietnam and abroad;

-Advise on building strategies, brand development;

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 Why Investor Needs to Register Trademark?
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Why Investor Needs to Register Trademark?
In Vietnam, the legal protection of a trademark begins from the date on that the certificate of trademark registration is granted and shall be valid for a period of ten (10) years from its filing date and can be renewed for consecutive periods of ten years.

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