What Are Conditions to Clean Up Criminal Records?

What Are Conditions to Clean Up Criminal Records?

Offenders who have completely served their penalties shall be given conditions to do business, live honestly and integrate with the community, and when they meet all the conditions prescribed by law, their conviction may be expunged and their criminal records will be cleaned. A person whose criminal record is removed is considered as having not ... Read More
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Legal Validity of Criminal Records Card in Vietnam

Criminal record or judicial record is a record of criminal convictions of convicted persons with criminal judgments and decisions of courts which have taken legal effect, judgment execution status and ban on individuals to hold positions or setting up company in Vietnam, or managing enterprises and cooperatives in Vietnam in cases where enterprises or cooperatives ... Read More
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Criminal Record for Foreign Citizens Residing in Vietnam

When foreign citizens residing in Vietnam wish to apply and have their criminal record card issued, applicants have to prepare documents as follows: The case that documents are submitted directly: A written declaration request for granting the criminal record card according to form Passport and Visa Permanent residence card, temporary residence card, temporary residence book or ... Read More
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The Purposes of Using Criminal Record Card

Under Clause 1, Article 2 of the Law on Criminal Record 2009, criminal record card is the records on the previous convictions of a person that is sentenced under valid court judgments or decisions, and banning individual from holding position, establishing or managing enterprises and cooperatives in cases where the enterprises or cooperatives are declared ... Read More
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Criminal Record Card in Vietnam

Criminal record cards or Police check provides criminal or judicial information about a person in Vietnam.  The Vietnam law on criminal record governs the process to obtain the criminal records cards. Accordingly, to obtain the Criminal Record cards in Vietnam, the applicant must apply at the provincial/ municipal Justice Department in Vietnam.  For foreigners residing in Vietnam, ... Read More
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When Will Foreigner Need to Obtain Criminal Record?

Circumstances in which Foreigners are required to obtain a Criminal Record In the process to grant the work permit for foreigner working in Vietnam, it is required the foreigner to have the criminal record in their dossier. Foreigner applying for criminal record to obtain work permit in Vietnam is divided into 2 cases. In the ... Read More
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Expiry Date of the Criminal Record Card

According to Clause 4 of Article 2 of the Law on criminal record, criminal record card is the document issued by the competent state agencies for organizations and individuals, proving that individuals have or do not have criminal record. The problem is that, for how long since the date that state agencies issue the criminal ... Read More
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Criminal Record Granting for Foreigner

Criminal Record in Vietnam In order to be granted the work permit for foreigner, completing the immigration or reside procedures in a country, foreigners who are or have been residing in Vietnam must apply for a criminal record for the time that they residing in Vietnam. Foreigners who are or have been temporarily residing in ... Read More
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Vietnam Law on Judicial Records

Foreigners whom are working in Vietnam are suggested to apply and obtain crimial record card in Vietnam (or police check)before leaving the country as he/she might need it in the future for job application, immigration purposes, or marriages. Once left the country, he/she could still apply for judicial record card in Vietnam however the process will … Read More

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Judicial Record Card in Vietnam

Judicial record card in Vietnam Procedures to obtain judicial record card (criminal record/ police check) in Vietnam is regulated in the Law no. 28/2009/QH12  of National Assembly of Vietnam on Judicial Record. Judicial record card means a card issued by an agency managing the judicial record database and valid to prove whether or not an ... Read More

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