Medical Device Lawyer in Vietnam

How to Request and Get the Suitable Covid-19 Vaccine in Vietnam?

The Covid-19 pandemic is seriously threatening human life. In order to limit and prevent epidemics, a number of vaccines have been quickly developed and produced to promptly limit the spread of disease in the community and bring life back to normal. However, not all vaccines are suitable for all people of all ages. Whether or ... Read More
Medical Device Law Firm in Vietnam

How to Import and Trade Medical Device

Import of medical device is a complicated process under Vietnam laws as it applies and impacts on human bodies. Ministry of Health is the Vietnam State Authority governing the import permit of medical device that requires import permit. Lawyers of law firms in Vietnam with experience in medical device should be consulted for the import ... Read More
Medical _Device_ Law _Firm_ in _Vietnam

Trading Conditions on Medical Device in Viet Nam

Medical device includes device related to human health, therefore, the business of medical device in the conditional business line in accordance with the law of Vietnam. Medical device is defined as kinds of device, tools, materials for implanting activities, reagents and in vitro calibration solutions, software which are used separately or in association with each ... Read More

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