Cyber Security Lawyers in Vietnam

Network security services – Cybersecurity solutions in the new situation

Information technology is existing in almost all areas of life, contributing to increasing work efficiency, saving time and costs. Besides these advantages, users also face many risks from loss, leakage of personal data, and organizational information and invasion of privacy when accessing the network. Therefore, network security service has becoming a necessary solution. Accordingly, Vietnam ... Read More
Data privacy lawyers in Vietnam

Cybersecurity law in Vietnam and data privacy issue

Vietnam's cybersecurity law has been passed on 12/6/2018, will officially come into effect on Jan 1st, 2019. This new law attracts attention, and contributions from many people. From the state management’s perspective, Cybersecurity Law is to protect national security. From business and users’ perspective, organizations that provide Internet services, social networks service, IT services companies, ... Read More
Cyber security lawyer in Vietnam

How to Apply For Trading License in Civil Cryptographic Products and Services?

According to Article 32, Law on Cyber Information Security, the application of licenses for trading in civil cryptographic products and services need to follow the following: 1. An enterprise applying for a license for trading in civil cryptographic products and services shall submit a dossier of application for a license at the Government Cipher Committee. ... Read More
Cyber security lawyer in Vietnam

What are Conditions to Meet for Trading civil cryptographic products and services?

According to Article 30 and 31, Law on Cyber Information Security, Civil cryptographic products and services are: 1. Civil cryptographic products include cryptographic documents and technical and professional equipment used to protect information not classified as state secret. 2. Civil cryptographic services include services of protection of information using civil cryptographic products; inspection and assessment ... Read More

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