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Regulations on Pay to Employees Working During Lunar New Year Holiday

Under the provisions of Article 106.1 of the Labor Code 2012, overtime is a period of work outside normal working hours prescribed by law or according to a labor agreement or regulation. Depending on the needs and agreement of the two parties, the enterprise may request employees to work overtime during lunar new year (Tet) ... Read More
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Labour Matters and Labour Legal Compliance

The labor management is one of the most important matters in the operation of enterprises. For the employee, he or she has to fulfill the job requirements as per labour contract, follow internal labour regulations, and work under the supervision of the employer.  For employer, complying with  regulations include paying salary, ensuring benefits, and other ... Read More
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Ho Chi Minh City: foreigners’ work permit in Vietnam is no longer renewable

Ho Chi Minh City is not going to renew expired work permit in Vietnam for foreigners, noticed by Ho Chi Minh City Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs. Ho Chi Minh City Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs (DOLISA) issued Notice No.6107/SLDTBXH-VL on May 16th, 2014 guiding the implementation of Decree ... Read More

New regulations on Vietnamese Labour Law: Guidelines on maternity entitlement

ANT Lawyers – On April 23rd 2013, the Social Security of Vietnam issued Document 1477/BHXH-CSXH which provides new guidelines for the 6-month maternity entitlement under the provisions of the new Labor Code of Vietnam. This document specifies cases where female employees are entitled to 6 months of maternity health insurance and the local requirements to implement … Read More

Guidance on the new Labour laws in Vietnam

ANT Lawyers – May 29th, 2013. A new series of decrees detail the implementation process of the Labor Code and the Law on Trade Unions 2012. Decrees 43, 45 and 46 concern several different aspects of numerous articles in the Labor Code and the Law on Trade Unions. Decree No. 43/2013/ND-CP relates to Article 10 of … Read More

New regulations on Vietnamese Labour Law: Prohibited Sectors of Strike

Decree No. 41/2013/ND-CP details the implementation of Article 220 of the Vietnamese Labor Code, which concerns specific categories of laborers who are prohibited from going on strike. These categories include employees working in areas related to national security, defense, health or the public order and in fields where a strike could have a devastating affect … Read More

Maternity provisions of the new Labor Code need clearer guidelines

ANT Lawyers – Apr 17th, 2013 – The new revised Vietnam Labor Code that takes full effect as from May 1st, 2013 (“Labour Code”) brings in some improvements for the employees in Vietnam. The Labor Code aims to improve labor conditions in Vietnam which especially strengthens the rights of female employees on maternity subjects according … Read More

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