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How to Invest, Do Business and Reside in Vietnam in 2022?

With economic opening policies, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, Vietnam is an attractive destination for foreign investors. Accordingly, the number of foreign investors in Vietnam is constantly increasing. In order to create favorable conditions for individual investors with direct capital investment or representatives of foreign organizations investing in Vietnam to live, work, Vietnam has policies, ... Read More
Immigration Lawyers in Vietnam

How Foreigners Could Apply for Residence Permits to Stay in Vietnam from 2022?

In the current process of industrialization and international integration, it is common for foreigners to reside and work in Vietnam permanently or temporarily. In order to legally reside in Vietnam, a foreigner must be eligible to be granted a permanent residence card or a temporary residence card in accordance with Vietnam immigration law. Temporary residence ... Read More
Immigration Lawyers in Vietnam

How Foreigners Can Extend Visa in Vietnam During Covid-19?

Since the beginning of 2020, due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, many foreign nationals entering Vietnam on a visa-free basis, entering with an e-visa or a tourist visa have been "stuck" in Viet Nam. In addition, Vietnam is restricting the issuance of new visas to foreign citizens to focus on the prevention of ... Read More
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Renew expired visas for foreigners during the Covid-19 period

Visa is a certificate issued by a competent Vietnamese state agency, allowing foreigners to enter Vietnam for immigration for a certain period of time depending on specific case. To be granted a visa, a foreigner must meet the conditions specified in the Law on Entry, Exit, Transit and Residence of Foreigners in Vietnam 2014, such ... Read More
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Temporary Residence Card in Vietnam

If a foreigner have been sponsored work permit in Vietnam to work or he/she decides to set up a company in Vietnam, he/she could be granted temporary residence card to live in Vietnam instead of applying and re-newing business or travel visas every three months. We detail here some procedures which help foreigners to prepare ... Read More
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Temporarily Stop Granting Work Permits to Foreigners Originating from Infected Area Because of Covid-19

An outbreak of acute respiratory infections caused by a new strain of Corona virus (nCoV) was first detected in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China in December 2019. Up to now, the disease has spread to many cities in China and more than 20 countries in the world including Vietnam. Facing new complicated movements of the ... Read More
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Highlights in the Law on Entry, Exit, Transit, and Residence of Foreigners in Vietnam 2020

Foreigners investing in Vietnam need to travel to Vietnam on investment purpose with the right visa supporting their purpose to comply with the Law on Entry, Exit, Transit, and Residence of Foreigners in Vietnam. On November 25, 2019, the XIV National Assembly officially passed the Law on Entry, exit, transit, and residence of foreigners in ... Read More

How Foreigners Could Obtain Residence in Vietnam Through Investment Scheme?

Foreigners could reside in Viet Nam under permanent residence or temporary residence status. In particular, foreign investors establishing or contributing capital to companies operating in Vietnam are subject to have temporary residence cards. A Temporary Residence Card is the required document for the foreigners to legally stay temporarily in Viet Nam and the maximum term ... Read More
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Procedures to Apply for Temporary Residence Card in Vietnam

For foreigners wishing to reside in Vietnam, they must belong to the subjects to be granted temporary residence card.  For most of the case, the temporary residence card holder are investors whom invest to establish company in Vietnam, or employee being employed and sponsored by an organization in Vietnam. The following shall details the procedures ... Read More
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How To Enter Vietnam Legally with Visas and Temporary Residence Card

Foreign visitors have been to Vietnam for purposes to visit friends, family members, travel, or work. As Vietnam has become more attractive for economic investment and tourism destinations, more and more have been seeking to enter Vietnam for work purpose, and leisure purpose.  It is important that travelers have suitable visas and entrance cards, and follow ... Read More

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