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How to Request and Get the Suitable Covid-19 Vaccine in Vietnam?

The Covid-19 pandemic is seriously threatening human life. In order to limit and prevent epidemics, a number of vaccines have been quickly developed and produced to promptly limit the spread of disease in the community and bring life back to normal. However, not all vaccines are suitable for all people of all ages. Whether or ... Read More
Buy Property Lawyers in Vietnam

What Are Real Estate Transaction Conditions for Buyer and Seller in Vietnam?

The real estate market is always an attractive market with a large source of potential speculative profits for investors.  Because real estate transaction is always high in value, and buying a property for most people is always a life time important decision, and many times with the financial support from the bank, therefore in developed ... Read More
Whats New in the Draft of the Decree on Amending the Decree 52 on E-Commerce?

Whats New in the Draft of the Decree on Amending the Decree 52 on E-Commerce?

The Decree No.52/2013/ND-CP (Decree 52) on e-commerce will be effective from July 1st, 2013. However, this Decree does not have specific regulations on e-commerce activities for foreign investors conducting e-commerce activities in Vietnam. Therefore, the draft of the Decree amending Decree 52 shall fill the missing gap for foreign investors with particulars in conducting e-commerce ... Read More
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Performing Labor Contracts in the Period of Covid – 19 Epidemic

The Covid-19 epidemic has seriously affected the development of the economy and society. The situation of businesses being spacing as well as suspension of production and service provision happens regularly in epidemic-affected localities, and that also seriously affects the life stability of employees. Because most enterprises' financial situations get worse, so the businesses seem like they ... Read More
Labour lawyers in Vietnam

What to Note When Signing Labour Contract with Foreign Workers?

With the policy of opening the economy in Vietnam, not only Vietnam attracts investors to set up company, but also the demand for foreign workers in enterprises grows and diversifies. However, in order for Vietnam companies to be able to use foreign workers, they must sign a labor contract. After meeting the conditions specified in ... Read More
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What Are Penalty for Violations in the Field of Construction in Hanoi?

In any field, mistakes can occur but differ in actual consequences. Especially in construction activities, the consequences are difficult to predict, the violations in construction activities, to any extent, affect individuals and collective users. Therefore, the Hanoi City People's Council issued Resolution No. 07/2014/NQ-HDND prescribing the fine levels for a number of administrative violations in ... Read More
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Draft Decree on E-transactions in the Government Management of Land

In the era of technology 4.0, the application of science and technology in all activities of social life in general is increasingly focused. Vietnam government has introduced a number of policies on the application of electronic technology in administrative procedures, particularly the Draft Decree on Electronic Transactions in the management of land. Electronic transactions in ... Read More
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Policies to Attract Foreign Investment in Hanoi

Over the years, Hanoi city has organized quality conferences of foreign investment attraction, focusing on implementing measures to attract transnational corporations engaged in investment and business in Hanoi. To perform domestic and international cooperation activities on investment promotion. Hanoi is constantly promoting and improving the efficiency of investment promotion activities, creating a reasonable and effective ... Read More
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Forms of Foreign Investment in Vietnam

From 01/01/2021, the Law on Investment 2020 in Vietnam came into force. According to the Vietnam Law on Investment 2020, there are five types of foreign investment in Vietnam. Investment in the establishment the economic organizations: This type comprises two methods: Establishment of a company with 100% capital from foreign investors or establishment of a ... Read More
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How to Set Up Company in Hanoi?

The Law on investment 2021 has a lot of investment incentive policies in economic sectors in Vietnam for foreign investors. Foreign investors that invest in Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular for the first time must have investment projects and fill in investment registration or examination procedures at state agencies in charge of investment ... Read More

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