Immigration Lawyers in Vietnam

How to Invest, Do Business and Reside in Vietnam in 2022?

With economic opening policies, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, Vietnam is an attractive destination for foreign investors. Accordingly, the number of foreign investors in Vietnam is constantly increasing. In order to create favorable conditions for individual investors with direct capital investment or representatives of foreign organizations investing in Vietnam to live, work, Vietnam has policies, ... Read More
How to Legalize Birth Certificate in Vietnam

How to Register a Birth for a Child between Vietnamese and Foreigner in 2022?

Birth registration for children with foreign elements shall be carried out at the competent district-level People’s Committees. Cases of birth with foreign elements based on the Law on Civil Status 2014 include children born abroad who have not yet been registered for birth and reside in Vietnam; if the child is born in Vietnam, one ... Read More
Set up business location in Vietnam

What Foreign Investors Should Know When Setting up company in Vietnam in 2022?

In the period of global economic integration, especially Post-Covid-19 era,  Vietnam – a developing country is considered one of the countries with potential markets that foreign investors choose to establish the business here taking advantage of the government policy to promote the economy i.e. “new normal” adaption living with Covid-19, quick opening of border allowing ... Read More
Copy Birth Certificate in Vietnam

How to Apply for an Copy Extract of Birth Certificate?

Extract of birth certificate is a document issued by a competent state agency to prove the birth fact of an individual registered at the civil status registry. According to the regulations in Vietnam, the original birth certificate cannot be  re-issued.  A birth extract is a certified true copy of the birth certificate. The reason people ... Read More
Buy Property Lawyers in Vietnam

Conditions for Foreigners When Buying Houses in Vietnam

With open-door policies and a stable socio-economic situation, Vietnam is one of the countries with great attraction to foreign investors.  There are many foreign individuals and organizations come to Vietnam to live and work and a number of foreigners or foreign organizations wish to buy houses or apartments.  Many real estate developers also wish to ... Read More
Establish business in Vietnam

How Vietnam Support Start-up Company in Vietnam?

Start-up company is a topic that is receiving much attention in Vietnam, especially in the context of the country's strong integration with the world economy. Starting a business is expected to create economic growth, make a positive contribution to socio-economic development. From start-up ideas gradually appears startup businesses in Vietnam. Every year, Vietnam has hundreds ... Read More
Tax lawyers in Vietnam

What is Value-added Tax Reduction Policy in 2022?

In order to stimulate growth and recover the economy after the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Government has issued a policy to reduce value added tax. The reduction of value-added tax is an effective solution and tool to stimulate consumption and is expected to create a driving force for rapid development to help businesses ... Read More
Set up company in Vietnam

What Are Changes on Enterprise Registration According to Decree No. 01/2021/ND-CP?

On January 4, 2021, the Government issued Decree No. 01/2021/ND-CP on enterprise registration. From January 4, 2021, the following 04 procedures will be carried out in conjunction: Registration of establishment of enterprises, branches, representative offices in Vietnam; Labor usage declaration; Granting the number of the social insurance participant; Register to use invoices of the enterprise. ... Read More
Work permit in Vietnam

What Changes in Procedures for Granting Work Permits for Foreign Workers from 2021?

Vietnam law allows enterprises, agencies, organizations, individuals and contractors to recruit foreign workers for job positions that Vietnamese workers cannot meet the needs of business operation in Vietnam.  However, the procedures to apply for permit allowing foreign workers to work in Vietnam is complicated which many times labour lawyers could be engaged to help provide ... Read More
Debt Recovery Lawyers in Vietnam

What Are Challenges in Debt Recovery Litigation Procedures for Enterprise?

In the operation of the enterprises, the arising of bad debts could be unavoidable. However, in order to be able to file lawsuit and collect debts and minimize bad debts in practice, there are still many difficulties. Currently, the process of debt recovery according to the provisions of the law still encounter many problems and ... Read More

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