Medical Device Lawyer in Vietnam

How to Request and Get the Suitable Covid-19 Vaccine in Vietnam?

The Covid-19 pandemic is seriously threatening human life. In order to limit and prevent epidemics, a number of vaccines have been quickly developed and produced to promptly limit the spread of disease in the community and bring life back to normal. However, not all vaccines are suitable for all people of all ages. Whether or ... Read More
Buy Property Lawyers in Vietnam

What Are Real Estate Transaction Conditions for Buyer and Seller in Vietnam?

The real estate market is always an attractive market with a large source of potential speculative profits for investors.  Because real estate transaction is always high in value, and buying a property for most people is always a life time important decision, and many times with the financial support from the bank, therefore in developed ... Read More
Review Application of Anti-Dumping Measures to Plastic and Polymer

Vietnam to Review Application of Anti-Dumping Measures to Plastic and Polymer

On July 20th, 2020 the Ministry of Foreign and Trade issued Decision No.1900/QD-BCT on applying the official anti-dumping measure to some plastic products and products from plastic made of polymer from propylene originated from the Republic People's of China, Kingdom of Thailand, and Malaysia (Case No.AR01, AD07). On September 24th, 2021, the Ministry of Foreign ... Read More
Labour lawyers in Vietnam

Performing Labor Contracts in the Period of Covid – 19 Epidemic

The Covid-19 epidemic has seriously affected the development of the economy and society. The situation of businesses being spacing as well as suspension of production and service provision happens regularly in epidemic-affected localities, and that also seriously affects the life stability of employees. Because most enterprises' financial situations get worse, so the businesses seem like they ... Read More
How to Determine Interest Rate for Late Payment Obligations in Commercial Transaction?

How to Determine Interest Rate for Late Payment Obligations in Commercial Transaction?

The most important obligation of the parties to a commercial contract is to deliver or provide services and pay in full and on time as agreed. However, in reality, there are times that one party or the parties fail to perform their payment obligations, causing damages to the other party. In particular, in the case ... Read More
Tax law firm in Vietnam

Preferential import and export tariff according to EVFTA for the period 2020-2022

On September 18, 2020, the Government issued Decree No. 111/2020/ND-CP on Vietnam's Preferential Export Tariffs and Special Preferential Import Tariffs to implement the Free Trade Agreement between The Socialist Republic of Vietnam and the European Union (EVFTA Agreement) for the period 2020-2022. Accordingly, the Decree stipulates the Preferential Export Tariff, the Special Preferential Import Tariff ... Read More
Vietnam international law firm

What Are Responsibilities of the Seller for Inadequate Delivery of Goods?

Delivering and receiving goods are basic obligations of the parties when performing the Contract for purchase and sale of goods. Specifically, in accordance with the law, when buying and selling goods, the seller must deliver goods and relevant documents, as agreed in contracts on quantity, quality, packing and preservation modes and other contractual terms. In ... Read More
Real Estate Lawyers in Vietnam

What Are New in Real Estate Trading Business From 2021?

The Law on Investment 2020 takes effect from January 1, 2021 with many new highlights, including the amendment of conditions for real estate business in the Law on Real Estate Trading 2014. Specifically, amending regulations on real estate business conditions in the Law on Real Estate Trading 2014 as follows: "Any organizations and individuals trading ... Read More
Work permit in Vietnam 3

Penalties on Working Without Work Permit in Vietnam

Vietnam has become an attractive destination for foreigner investors due to the impressive development of socio – economic in recent years. This is such a good opportunity for Vietnamese enterprises to get cooperation in business with foreign partners. To take advantage of the opportunities to be the pioneer and market share, many of them have ... Read More
Set-up company in Phu Quoc

Why Investors Should Set-up Business in Phu Quoc?

The improvement in infrastructure system along with the preferential policies have stimulated investors to come to Phu Quoc to set-up company and do business. Phu Quoc, an island in Kien Giang of Vietnam is in the top of three islands having tourism potential in Southeast Asia comparable to Phuket in Thailand and Bali in Indonesia.  Phu Quoc ... Read More

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