Cyber Security Lawyers in Vietnam

Network security services – Cybersecurity solutions in the new situation

Information technology is existing in almost all areas of life, contributing to increasing work efficiency, saving time and costs. Besides these advantages, users also face many risks from loss, leakage of personal data, and organizational information and invasion of privacy when accessing the network. Therefore, network security service has becoming a necessary solution. Accordingly, Vietnam ... Read More
Labour Contract under Labour code 2019

How to Determine Labour Relationship under Labour Code 2019?

During Covid pandemic, many companies face economic challenges that need to reduce the high paid workers’ cost. There are situations which dispute arisen and the employee started to realize that the contract he or she signs with the company he or she spends eight hours each day, follows instructions of work from supervisors, and receives ... Read More
The procedure for divorce in Vietnam involving foreign elements

How Divorce Procedures Involving Foreign Elements in Vietnam Are Regulated?

The procedure for divorce in Vietnam involving foreign elements is one of the complicated procedures. Therefore, when implementing this procedures, the parties need to pay attention to the related legal provisions to avoid problems when conducting the divorce procedure in Vietnam or involve family lawyers for assistance in preparing documents and filing petition, especially if ... Read More
Apply Exemption from Anti-dumping Measures for Polyester Long Fiber Products

How to Apply Exemption from Anti-dumping Measures for Polyester Long Fiber Products?

On October 19th, 2021 the Trade Remedies Authority of Vietnam issued Announcement No. 23/TB-PVTM on receiving application for exemption from application of trade remedies for a number of polyester long fiber products (Case No. AD10). On October 13th, 2021, the Minister of Industry and Trade issued Decision No.2302/QD-BCT on applying the official anti-dumping measures on ... Read More
Anti-dumping Measures on H-shaped Steel Products From China

Extend the Response Time to Apply Anti-dumping Measures on H-shaped Steel Products From China

On October 29th, 2021, Department of Trade Remedies issued the Investigation Questionnaire on the review and application of anti-dumping measures on H-shaped steel products originated from China for the relevant parties in the case ER01.AD03. For facilitating conditions for relevant parties to fully cooperate in the case, the Investigating Authority extends the time to response ... Read More
Sport Betting in Vietnam

Plan to Simplify Regulations on Telecom, Gaming, Internet Service

In the process of economic integration and development, in order to create favorable conditions for business and service sectors under the management of the Ministry of Information and Communications, Vietnam has approved the plan to reduce and simplify regulations a number of regulations under its control. Accordingly, Decision No. 1994/QD-TTg agreed to reduce and simplify ... Read More
Immigration Lawyers in Vietnam

How Foreigners Can Extend Visa in Vietnam During Covid-19?

Since the beginning of 2020, due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, many foreign nationals entering Vietnam on a visa-free basis, entering with an e-visa or a tourist visa have been "stuck" in Viet Nam. In addition, Vietnam is restricting the issuance of new visas to foreign citizens to focus on the prevention of ... Read More
Extension of Response for Cane Sugar Anti Dumping Case

Extension of Response for Cane Sugar Anti-Dumping Case

Extension of Response for Foreign Manufacturers and Exporters and Domestic Manufacturers and Importers for Cane Sugar Anti-Dumping Case(Case No. AC02.AD13-AS01) On September 21st, 2021, the Ministry of Industry and Trade issued Decision No. 2171/QD-BCT on investigating the application of measures to prevent evasion of anti-dumping measures to a number of cane sugar products originating from ... Read More
Contract review law firm in Vietnam

How to Determine Penalty and Compensation for Damages from Breach of Commercial Contract?

When drafting a contract, especially a commercial business contract, in addition to basic provisions such as the object, scope of the contract, value and payment method, rights and obligations of the parties, dispute settlement, information confidentiality, and the regulations on the penalty for a breach of the contract and damage compensation are also very important. ... Read More
Contract Drafting Law Firm in Vietnam

What Are Regulations on Debt Trading Contracts in Vietnam?

Along with the development of socio-economic activities, right to collect debt has become an asset right, hence its transferability is also recognized. Vietnam law recognizes debt as a commodity that can be traded through a debt trading contract. However, in order for the debt trading contract to be legally valid and ensure the rights and ... Read More

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