Contract dispute law firm in Vietnam

Contract Dispute in Vietnam

Disputes occur during contract performance are beyond the control of the entity entering contractual relations. In developed countries, lawyers always invited to advise customers to identify potential disputes, and provide solutions, support and provide legal advice and to accompany the enterprises solve disputes in accordance with the provisions of the law, which help businesses to ... Read More
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How to Prepare and File a Lawsuit in Vietnam?

If two parties have a dispute over a commercial matter in Vietnam, they should try to resolve disputes through negotiation, or mediation before considering to file a lawsuit against the other at a court in Vietnam. To implement their right to sue, the plaintiff must prepare and submit the claim at the competent court in Vietnam. ... Read More
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What Lawyers Should Not Promise in Vietnam?

Lawyers in Vietnam have to follow the law in order to provide good legal services to clients. In Vietnam, the law has continuously played an important role in the life and contribute to protect and maintain the stability and development of society. In the trend of integration of the world economy, the role of the ... Read More
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Process Service in Vietnam

Process service is the notification and delivery of court and the civil judgment agency’s documents to litigants in accordance with the law. The process service is conducted using the following methods: Grant, served and notify directly by post or by authorized third party; Publicly listing; Announcement on the mass media. With the 1st and 2nd ... Read More

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