Industrial Design Registration in Vietnam

Industrial design is the appearance of the product which is expressed through shapes, lines, colors or combinations of these factors.

Industrial-Design-Registration-in-Vietnam-1A product as being commercially marketed will have a certain style with a combination of certain shapes, lines, colors, etc.. which is the design of the product. When a new design to be launched, if it attracts customers, there is a big chance there will be fake or imitated products. Therefore, before a new design is launched, business owners need to conduct registration procedures for protection of industrial designs. That is the action for the protection of its product design and the prestige of the enterprise in the market. This protection will prevent the infringement of the design, therefore the registration of industrial design protection is essential.

ANT Lawyers IP services in the field of industrial design registration advice covers:

-Look-up, assess and consult possibilities to register industrial design in Vietnam and abroad;

-Represent clients in applying for certificates of industrial design, record modification, extend degree of industrial protection in Vietnam and abroad;

-Evaluate the effectiveness of the certificate of industrial design registration and the possibility of industrial design rights violation;

-Implement of the protected industrial design rights: investigate, monitor, negotiate, seek arbitration or initiate a lawsuit or request other competent agencies for handling of infringement in Vietnam and abroad;

-Negotiate, draft, evaluate and register the of changing industrial design ownership in Vietnam and abroad;

-Advise on building strategies, brand development; For advice and specific details in each case, please contact us directly for advice.

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