How to Set-up Travel Services Business in Vietnam

Foreign investor could only set-up joint venture with Vietnam travel agency to set-up travel services business in Vietnam because transport of passenger belongs to investment areas with conditions applied to foreign investor in Vietnam.

No one could deny that information technology has tremendously changed the way travel services business operates.  The use of booking reservation system application on smartphone and internet are widespread that make travel has never been easier.   Foreign investor would be interested to explore the travel services market. However, 100% foreign owned company is not allowed to set-up travel services business in Vietnam. As this investment area is conditional, it is advised that a law firms in Vietnam should be consulted to ensure compliance with local regulations.

The application process and documents requirements are briefly as following:

I. Required documents:

  1. Application for the International Travel Business License (form);
  2. Certificate of business registration (copy – certified)
  3. Business plan for the international travel agency;
  4. Tour schedule
  5. Proof of at least 4 years of experience in international travel business operations
  6. Certified copies of the tourist guides’ cards whereby at least 3 international tourist guides are required
  7. Confirmation of bank deposit (as per regulations);
  8. Proof of office premises or legally registered place of business

II. Business License Application Procedure

  1. Submission of the required documents to the correct authority (Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the province/city where the business is headquartered).
  2. The Department of Tourism of the province/city completes the records of appraisal and submits a written request with the agency’s records to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in Vietnam within ten working days from the date of receipt of a valid application. When cases are not eligible for the proposed permit to the state agencies, the provincial tourism department shall cite the specific reasons for refusal.
  3. The state management agency of tourism (VNAT – Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) is responsible for reviewing and licensing the international travel business within ten working days from the date of both receipt of the file and written request of the state agency of tourism in the province. In case of refusal, the ministry shall state the specific reasons to the state and provincial tourism authorities

III. Number of records

– Submission to the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism: 01

– Tourism Authority Filed in: 01

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