Network security services – Cybersecurity solutions in the new situation

Information technology is existing in almost all areas of life, contributing to increasing work efficiency, saving time and costs. Besides these advantages, users also face many risks from loss, leakage of personal data, and organizational information and invasion of privacy when accessing the network. Therefore, network security service has becoming a necessary solution. Accordingly, Vietnam Ministry of Public Security proposed to consider cybersecurity protection services as business lines which are subject to conditions in the Vietnam Investment Law.

According to statistics in 2021, the Ministry of Public Security has recorded and analyzed nearly eight million warnings related to cyberattack activities, thereby detecting and verifying 2,763 cyberattacks targeting portal sites in the country (up 26% compared to 2020). In addition, cyberattacks tend to increase, causing political influence and greater economic losses. In addition, the situation of illegally collecting and infiltrating information and data of organizations and individuals for illegal purpose are increasingly complicated. The participation of network security services will contribute to strengthening the protection of the network security environment, especially important economic organizations such as banks, securities, state agencies, which are organizations that have vital role of the country.

On the other hand, the development of network security services is in line with the development policy of the country. Specifically, in Resolution No. 30 of the Politburo on the National Cybersecurity Strategy, the ultimate goal has been determined to reduce the risk of national security and social order and safety being compromised. Moreover, the Government has also issued Resolution No. 22 on the action plan to ensure national cybersecurity. Accordingly, the Ministry of Public Security shall assume the prime responsibility for formulating a Decree stipulating conditions for trading in cybersecurity products and services. Therefore, making network security services a business line is consistent with the current context and development orientation.

In addition, approving network security services will guide specific regulations and conditions for businesses. Businesses and organizations and individuals providing cybersecurity products and services will need to actively comply with regulations. The business conditions for network security services will ensure that network security products and services to be provided by reputable and capable service providers. Accordingly, improving policies and laws and improving the effectiveness and efficiency of state management of information, communication and network security will be a solid basis for cybersecurity services to demonstrate their functions and roles its important role in the overall development of the country.

Moreover, developing quality and effective cybersecurity services will create more opportunities and attract more foreign investors to participate in the Vietnam market. Most business activities now have involved the Internet connection, and therefore the risks such as information security and data security will be an issue of concern to investors making investment, setting up company in Vietnam.  If network security services that support risk reduction and data recovery to help run business well, it will create confidence and motivation for investors.

The Ministry of Public Security expects network security products and services to include: (i) Confidential products to collect information (devices where hardware and software have the function of collecting information, documents, and data) via cyber – spyware; (ii) Security control products for network traffic (in which specialized hardware and software equipment for competent state agencies are designed with specific features to protect targets, systems, etc.) information system to warn, detect and prevent cyber security violations; (iii) Network security monitoring services, network security testing, knowledge training, network consulting, standards assessment. These are services and products that have practical applications and are capable of meeting the needs of individuals and organizations using cyberspace.

Therefore, although cybersecurity services have not yet been officially approved, in the current context, network security services will be an effective solution to work with the Government to build a digital environment and develop digital technology secure and sustainable information technology in line with the speed of global development. It is expected that when cyber security services are specified, it will promote a healthy, safe and effective cyber environment and hence promote the business and investment in Vietnam.

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Network security services – Cybersecurity solutions in the new situation
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Network security services – Cybersecurity solutions in the new situation
Information technology is existing in almost all areas of life, contributing to increasing work efficiency, saving time and costs.

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