Intellectual Property Rights in Vietnam

Subject Matters of Intellectual Property Rights in Vietnam

Intellectual property subject matter is divided into three groups included: subject matter of copyright, subject matter of industrial property rights, subject matter of rights to plant varieties. In details: -The subject matter of copyright shall comprise literary, artistic and scientific works; the subject matter of copyright related rights shall comprise performances, audio and visual fixation, ... Read More
Protect Intellectual Property Rights in Vietnam

Important Matters on Intellectual Property Rights Registration in Vietnam

In the process of development of global business, the growth of multinational corporations or business will help individuals and companies to bring their products to the world. In addition to bringing their products to customers, the protection of intellectual property rights for products created is extremely important and necessary. We would like to highlight important ... Read More
Protecting Intellectual Property Rights in Vietnam

How Vietnam Regulations on Intellectual Property Change to Integrate into Global Economy?  

The intellectual property system of Vietnam has not matched up with international practice. To resolve the matters, Vietnam has been developing programs on development of intellectual property legal system to meet the intellectual property standards of the international treaties which Vietnam is a member to. Intellectual property rights have played an indispensable role in the ... Read More
How to protect Intellectual Property Rights in Vietnam

How Can IPR Holder Protect Intellectual Property Rights in Vietnam?

An intellectual property right holder shall have the right to apply the following measures to protect the intellectual property rights of such holder in Vietnam: To apply technological measures to prevent acts of infringement of its intellectual property rights; To request any organization or individual who commits an act of infringement of the intellectual property ... Read More
Protecting Intellectual Property Rights Abroad for Vietnam Enterprises

Protecting Intellectual Property Rights Abroad for Vietnam Enterprises

The development of international supply chains has become a critical success factor for big companies, and should be seen as important key for products of developing countries to gain entry into high standard market such as USA, European Countries, and Japan. However, many Vietnam companies have experienced problems in shifting their supply chain abroad as ... Read More
IP infringement lawyers in Vietnam

How Foreign Investors Could Handle Intellectual Property Dispute in Vietnam?

Foreign investor could handle intellectual property disputes in Vietnam through negotiation and mediation, arbitration or litigation depending on various factors. Intellectual property rights is the rights of organizations, individuals to the intellectual property, including copyrights and related rights, industrial property rights, including trademark, patent, and industrial design and rights to the plant varieties. Under Vietnam intellectual ... Read More

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