Change of Child Raising Person after Divorce

When divorce, children raising issue is very important and is always considered by the parties. Typically, parents always want the best for their children. However, there are also cases that the person who is raising that child unable to provide comprehensive benefits for the child. Then the person who is not directly raise the child may request for caregiver to ensure human rights.

ANT Lawyers would advise to customers some of the content in the issue of stipulating caregiver and change of caregiver after divorce.

The nursing, take care, educating and parenting after divorce

After divorce, parents are still obliged to look after, take care, educating, parenting minors or adults who are disabled, lost their civil act capacity, inability to work and have no property to support themselves.

The person who is not directly raises children have to provide rearing support.

Husband and wife agree on the person who directly raise the children, the rights and obligations of each party after divorce to their children; if no agreement is reached, the Court decided to assign one party to directly raise children based on the interests of that children in all aspects; if the children is nine years old or older, the wishes of the children must be considered.

In principle, children under three years of age are directly raised by the mother, unless the parties agree otherwise.

Change the person who directly raises children after divorce

For the benefit of the children, at the request of one or both parties, the Court may decide to change the child directly raising people.

The change of child directly raising people after divorce is conducted in case the people who directly raise the child does not guarantee the rights of the child in all aspects. Moreover, if the child is nine years old or older, we have to take into consideration the aspirations of the child.

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