Foreign Investors May Be Allowed to Hold 60% Shares

A new decision has been proposed to the Prime Minister with a number of changes that encourage foreign investors to make investment in Vietnam and in the meantime improve the financial market to catch up with international standard.

ANT Lawyers’ foreign investment practice always follow the change in legal environment to assist our client with the best service. First, foreign investors could own up to 60% of total voting right shares of a listed company.   The previous provisions only allow this ratio for strategic partners.  Secondly, the foreign investors may hold maximum 49% total voting right shares. The previous provision is 49% of charter capital.  Thirdly, for non-voting right shares, the foreign investors are not restricted to hold.  Fourthly, for fund certificate, the foreign investors may hold 100% for both close and open funds while the previous provision only allows 49% and restricts the foreign –owned in open funds.  Fifthly, foreign organizations business in securities may hold securities companies in Vietnam up to 100% Charter capital while in recent provision, maximum of 49% and 100% for the specific cases.

When the new Decision will have been officially issued, the securities market of Vietnam will be more open and attractive to foreign investors. As expected, impact will be increasing liquidation, opening the conditions to establish investment funds, changing the enterprise’s structure, developing the fund management companies, and as such developing the financial market with more options to invest and control the investment in Vietnam.

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