New Vietnam Real Estate draft law giving more rights to foreigners in Vietnam

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Real estate market in Vietnam is experiencing a difficult time.  The government has realized that there is a huge demand from the foreigners and oversea Vietnamese investing in Vietnam in owning real estate in Vietnam however the legal regulations on such matter have not yet encouraged them to make the investment.  

The Vietnam Ministry of Construction has enacted the fifth Draft of Law on Real Estate Business (amending), which regulates two new noteworthy provisions relating to the scope of real estate business of foreigners and Vietnamese overseas.

While the current regulations in Law on Real Estate 2006 only allow the foreign and oversea Vietnamese organizations, individuals to establish houses, construction works for sale, lease, lease-buy; to invest, reclaim land and set up facilities on the leased land for leasing.  The new Draft of Law on Real Estate expands the scope to i) rent houses, construction works in order to sub-lease; ii) foreign and oversea Vietnamese organizations or individuals operating in real estate area, foreign invested capital enterprises, branches, representatives of foreign enterprises, investment funds, branches of foreign banks currently operating in Vietnam are also permitted to rent, buy and own the office areas for their own work or for lease; to buy, rent, lease-buy houses according to Vietnam law on houses.

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