How to Set up Foreign Owned Company in IT and Computer Related Service?

Information technology and computer related service have played an extremely important role in life as well as in business activities on global scale.  The industrial revolution 4.0 has comprised of many technologies and IT and computer service take a big part of such.  The laws of Vietnam and the international commitments to which Vietnam is ... Read More
Data privacy lawyers in Vietnam

Cybersecurity law in Vietnam and data privacy issue

Vietnam's cybersecurity law has been passed on 12/6/2018, will officially come into effect on Jan 1st, 2019. This new law attracts attention, and contributions from many people. From the state management’s perspective, Cybersecurity Law is to protect national security. From business and users’ perspective, organizations that provide Internet services, social networks service, IT services companies, ... Read More
Fintech Law Firm in Vietnam

ANT Lawyers Received Visiting Guests from Fintech Industry on Jun 6th, 2018

On Jun 6th, 2018, ANT Lawyers received at its office in Ho Chi Minh City investors, directors, from fintech companies, venture capital, education organization, whom are interested in market and legal environment of fintech investment in Vietnam. Visiting guests include Cynthia Ding, Co-founder of Yincubator (Singapore), an Venture Capital based in Singapore, Liu Si Wei (David) and ... Read More
Cyber _Security_ Law _Firm_ in _Vietnam

Investment Incentives for IT area in Vietnam

Vietnam is attracting investors from around the world to make investment through setting up IT service company in Vietnam Since 2010, Vietnam has initiated and invested more resources in the information technology which has been realized as an area that could create a competitive edge for Vietnam.  Recently, the Vietnam government has put a legal frameworks ... Read More
Cyber Security Law Firm in Vietnam

High-tech Crime in Vietnam

The Vietnam Public Security have arrested a number of foreigners using of fake ATM cards to withdraw money in Vietnam in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Through the Vietnam Foreign Affairs Department, the Public Security will inform the respective foreign Consulate in Vietnam and the family of the foreigners commited crime to invite ... Read More

How Regulation on Telecommunications Changes in Vietnam?

Proportional to Vietnam’s rapid development in various areas of its economy, the telecommunication industry has undergone through rapid development and has become a key economic sector for the country. Legal regulations on telecommunications have also been evolving to support the business practice in Vietnam. Various regulations on the telecommunication business, for instance the Ordinance of ... Read More
Cyber information law firm in Vietnam

High-tech Crime in Vietnam Faces upto 12 years Imprisonment

Under the provisions of the Vietnam Criminal Code 1999 (as amended and supplemented in 2009), high technology crime offenders are mainly governed under Article 224, 225, 226, 226a of in the field of information technology and telecommunications as follows: Article 224: Crime to spread viruses, computer programs featuring detrimental to the operation of computer networks, telecommunication ... Read More

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