Marriage Involving Foreigners in Vietnam

Cross culture marriage in Vietnam is getting more popular due to the further integration of Vietnam into world’s economy and people relocation for better living.

It is understandable that a foreigner who works and lives in Vietnam wishing to register marriage with a Vietnamese or even another foreigner under Vietnam laws.

However, it is challenging for foreigners to be aware of the legal provisions governing the issue of marriage involving foreign elements in Vietnam. The parties involved in the marriage should to go through not so simple administrative procedures, because of the complexity of managing and protecting the legitimate rights of not only Vietnamese citizens, but also foreigners, to be governed under the Law on Civil Status. It is not unfamiliar when husband and wife agree to sign prenuptial agreement, agreements on personal assets and properties, and agreements to separate assets and properties during the marriage time.

Procedures for Registration of Marriage in Vietnam

According to the current law provisions, the competence to register marriage between a Vietnamese citizen and a foreigner belong to the District People’s Committee where the Vietnamese citizen is residing. In addition to papers relating to declarations and documents that must be prepared, in order to marry a Vietnamese citizen, a foreigner have to submit papers proving their marital status issued by a competent authority of the country which he/she is a citizen. The certificate issued no more than six months, up to the time of application, confirming the current no spouse. In case, foreign law does not provide for the granting of papers certifying the marital status, the papers shall be replaced by the foreign competent bodies certifying that such persons meet all the marriage conditions under the laws of that country. Documents, papers issued by the competent authority of the foreign country must be notarized, legalized and authenticated.

After submitting complete, and valid dossiers and paying the necessary fees, if the marriage conditions are fully met, the chairperson of the District People’s Committee will approve the application. Upon marriage registration, both husband and wife must be present at the head office of the People’s Committee, and both will sign in the marriage certificate.

Foreigner’s Challenges?

To register marriage involving foreign in Vietnam, foreigners must have a marital status documents issued by a foreign competent authority where he/she is a citizen. Depending on the country, the paper proving citizen’s marital status issued to citizens when they apply for marriage registration is different. Most of the difficulties the foreigners encountered are the application for the issuance of papers abroad and at the same time they must carry out administrative procedures for the legalization of that document at the competent authority in Vietnam. Thus, the time required to prepare necessary documents and documents is generally long with strict administrative procedures.

In fact, marriages involving foreign couples encounter procedural difficulties and take a considerable amount time for preparation.

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