Cases Are Rejected When Get Married with Foreign Element

The law of Vietnam prescribed quite detail about the marriage with foreign elements.

The registration of marriage with foreign elements will be rejected in the following cases:

-One or both parties are not old enough to get married under the laws of Vietnam

-The foreign applicant is not old enough to get married under the laws of the country of which he/she is a citizen or permanent resident (for stateless persons)

-The marriage between men and women is not due to a voluntary decision

-There is deception, coercion in the marriage

-One or both parties had husband or wife

-One or both parties had lost their capacity for civil acts

-The parties have the same direct blood line or relative within three generations

-The parties are or have been the adoptive parents and adopted children, father in law and daughter in law, mother in law and son in law, stepfather and his wife’s stepchild, stepmother and her husband’s stepchild

-The parties of the same sex (men marrying men, women marrying women)

-The marriage registration will also be rejected if the results of the interview, and verification showed that the marriage through illegal brokerage; sham marriage that is not intended to build prosperous, equal, progressive, happy and sustainable family; marriage is inconsistent with the fine traditions of the nation; taking advantage of marriage to trafficking of women, sexual abuse against women or for other self-seeking purposes.

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