Successfully Register a Vietnam Trademark in the U.S

Successfully Register a Vietnam Trademark in the US

ANT Lawyers as an Industrial Property law firm with full IP license under Vietnam laws represented Live Forever Young Co., Ltd to submit an international application of trademark Live Forever Young trademark which designated the US according to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) on October 2021.                 ... Read More
Notice of operation of the National Office of Intellectual Property

Notice of operation of the National Office of Intellectual Property

Due to the recently complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, especially the appearance of new clusters unidentified infections in residential areas, offices, and enterprises, and to implement guidance of the Prime Minister, National Steering Committee for prevention and control, and Ministry of Science and Technology, and the guidance of the emergency dispatch no. 11/CD-UBND dated ... Read More
Register copyright in Vietnam

How to Use Published Works Without Permission or Pay Royalties, Remuneration?

According to regulation of current Law on intellectual property, copyright means rights of an organization or individual to works created or owned by such organization or individual. Copyright to a work includes moral rights and property rights. If other organization or individual wishes to exploit, use a part or the whole of works, they shall ... Read More
Licensing of Industrial Property Rights in Vietnam

How to Draft Contract for Licensing of Industrial Property Rights in Vietnam?

Licensing of industrial property rights is one of the legal measures to transfer technology. In accordance with Law on Intellectual Property, licensing of an industrial property rights means permission by the owner of such industrial property object for another organization or individual to use the industrial property object within the scope of the owner's right. ... Read More
protecting industrial property rights in Vietnam

“First to File” Principle in Intellectual Property Registration

First to file principle is one of the two principles in protecting industrial property besides priority principle. Accordingly, in case many applications are filed for registration of the same invention or similar inventions, or for registration of industrial designs identical with or insignificantly different from one another, the protection title may only be granted to ... Read More
Trademark registration services in Vietnam

 What To Do When the Trademark Certificate is Misplaced?

Trademark is a type of asset of individual and organization. To be officially recognized as an owner of that trademark, the applicant needs to submit the trademark registration dossiers to National Office of Intellectual Property in Vietnam (NOIP), pay the examination fee and certificate issuance fee to receive the trademark certificate. The trademark owner needs ... Read More
Registration of industrial property rights in Vietnam

Notification On Application Time Limits for Applicants Affected by Covid-19

Due to social distancing requirements of government to curb the spread of Covid-19, Vietnam government agencies including National Office of Intellectual Property (NOIP) issues notification to provide instructions to related parties to ensure smooth business operation for not only government officers but also applications and Intellectual Property attorney representing clients in registration, and other IP ... Read More
Register patent in Vietnam

What Are Legal Requirements of Patent Description?

When patent owner registers for their patent, one of the most important documents included in the dossiers is the patent’s description. Patent is a technical solution in the form of a product or process which is intended to solve a problem by application of natural laws. Patent description is very important which is aimed to ... Read More
Trademark Infringement in Vietnam

How to Dealing with Trademark Infringement in Vietnam

                               Trademark Infringement in Vietnam According to Vietnam law on intellectual property, when detecting the trademark infringement act, the trademark owner has the self-protection right includes (i) apply technological measures to prevent acts of trademark infringement in Vietnam (ii) request organization ... Read More

Overview of PCT System for Invention Protection Abroad

PCT System is a tool which helps protecting Inventions abroad and based on the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). PCT is international treaty with more than 150 Contracting States. This system makes it possible for patent owner to protect theirs invention simultaneously in a large number of country by filing only one international application instead of ... Read More

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