Da Nang to Cooperate with Singapore in Foreign Direct Investment

On July 19th,2019, Da Nang City People’s Committee held a “Singapore-Danang Investment Connection Seminar”, which leaders of the city’s departments and sectors met many major companies from Singapore under the Singapore Business Federation and Singapore Business Development Agency’s arrangement with purpose of seeking investment opportunities in Da Nang taking advantage of the dynamic city which investors from Singapore could set up company and make direct investment.

Singaporean businesses appreciated the model of building and developing the smart city of Da Nang and the achievements in socio-economic development of Da Nang in recent years, including digitizing government and protecting the environment in Da Nang.

Singapore is well-known as a country that has developed strongly in socio-economic achievements, has plans for environmental protection, pollution treatment, high-tech development and tourism. These are the business lines that Danang needs to develop for the purpose of building the city in the future.

Currently, many Singaporean businesses have chosen Vietnam as an investment destination and are willing to cooperate with Danang in many business lines such as banking finance, education, information technology, etc. The leaders of Da Nang always appreciate Singapore’s experience of building smart country, innovation and start-up businesses; at the same time, they emphasized that Singapore is a potential market that Da Nang city focuses on investment promotion in the coming time.

Singapore is the 4th country in total of FDI investors in Vietnam, the total investment capital in the first 6 months of 2019 from Singapore is 2.119 million USD and is the 3rd largest country in terms of FDI in Vietnam, with a total investment capital is 49,161 million USD. Investors invested in many business lines such as manufacturing technology, wholesale, retail, information technology,

Da Nang wishes to attract many Singaporean investors who will choose the city as the place to invest in the future. The leader of the city always strives to create the best conditions for Singaporean investors to invest in the city, in order to achieve socio-economic development in the future.

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