Salary Payment Rules According to Labor Code 2019

What is Salary Payment Rules According to Labor Code 2019?

The employer shall pay the employee on the basis of the agreed salary, productivity and work quality. The salary written in the employment contract and the salary paid shall be made in Vietnam dong. If the employee is a foreigner working in Vietnam, the salary payment to foreigners can be made in foreign currency. The ... Read More
Dispute Settlement Method for Employees When Separating Enterprise

What Are Potential Disputes over the Settlement Method for Employees When Separating Enterprises?

In Vietnam, reorganization of an enterprise means the division, separation, consolidation, merger or transformation of an enterprise. In particular, when separating enterprises, in addition to legal issues related to enterprise separation procedures, registration for newly formed enterprises, the introduction of a plan for the employees of the separated company is also a matter of concern. ... Read More
What Are the Order of Disciplining Employee in Vietnam

What Are the Order of Disciplining Employee in Vietnam?

Labour discipline is the provisions on compliance matters relating to work time, technology and production and business management in labor regulations. It can be understood simply that when an employee violates the labor regulations, depending on the extent and regulations of the company, he or she will be subject to disciplinary action. The order of ... Read More
How Probation is Regulated in Vietnam Labour Code

How Probation is Regulated in Vietnam Labour Code?

Probation is an agreement between an employee and an employer on a probationary job in a certain period of time in accordance with the provisions of law. Before entering into a labor contract, the employer and the employee should go through a probationary period to determine the long-term cooperation and attachment between the parties. The ... Read More
Work permit in Vietnam

Whom is Exempted from Work Permit Since 2021?

On December 30, 2020, the Government issued Decree No. 152/2020/ND-CP regulating foreign workers working in Vietnam and recruiting and managing Vietnamese employees to work for the foreign employers in Vietnam. In which, foreign workers in Vietnam are not required to be granted work permits include: The employee is the owner or capital contributor of a ... Read More
When Should the Employer Send Notice of Termination of Labour Contract to Employee Before Contract Expiration?

When Should the Employer Send Notice of Termination of Labour Contract to Employee Before Contract Expiration?

Expiration is one of the circumstances which permit termination of labor contract under the Labor Code 2012. Accordingly, the employer must inform in writing to the employee of the terminating date of labor contract at least 15 days prior to the expiration. Termination of labor relationship in each circumstance must follow different conditions and procedures ... Read More
Labour Dispute lawyers in Vietnam

How Mediation and Labor Arbitration Councils Work in Settlement of Labor Disputes?

During and after the Covid-19 pandemic, the financial health of enterprises have been negatively impacted leading to management’s decision to reduce cost through termination of labour contract with employee. The illegal termination of labour contract could lead to disputes between employer and employee which sometime would cost the employer more than it gains. It is ... Read More
Labour _lawyers _in _Vietnam

How to Send Vietnamese Workers Working Abroad Under Contracts?

Decree No. 38/2020/ND-CP detailing the implementation of a number of articles of the law on Vietnamese workers working abroad under contracts has been signed by the Government on April 3, 2020 taking effect from May 20, 2020. This Decree prescribes the areas and jobs workers must not go to work abroad; licenses, conditions and procedures ... Read More
Employment Dispute Law Firm in Vietnam

How to Resolve Disputes in Employment in Vietnam?

A labor dispute is a dispute over rights, obligations and interests arising between parties in employment relationship. Labor disputes include individual labor disputes between employees and employers, and collective labor disputes between labor collectives and employers. When a labor dispute occurs, the competent agency, organization or individual will settle it on the basis of the ... Read More

What Are Rights and Benefits of the Employee Suffering the Occupational Accident?

Accidents can happen at any time at work. Whether a workplace accident is the result of employee carelessness or employer negligence, employers must take responsibility for accidents to employee. Vietnam Labor Code defines occupational accident is an accident that causes injury to any part and function of the body or death to employee occurring during ... Read More

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