Trademark licensing dispute lawyers in Vietnam

How Licensing of Trademark Works?

Licensing of industrial property subject in general or of trademark in specific is regulated in Intellectual Property law. Accordingly, in trademark licensing, the owner (licensor) grants permission to another (licensee) to use that trademark on mutually agreed terms and conditions. The must be established in written form to avoid dispute in trademark licensing. Accordingly, licensing ... Read More
Distinguish Assignment of Industrial Property Rights And the Licensing of Industrial Property Rights in Vietnam

Distinguish Assignment of Industrial Property Rights And the Licensing of Industrial Property Rights

According to Law on Intellectual Property in Vietnam, industrial property rights means rights of an organization or individual to inventions, industrial designs, designs of semi-conducting closed circuits, trademarks, trade names and geographical indications, trade secrets which such organization or individual created or owns, and the right to prevent unfair competition. Accordingly, these rights may be transferred to ... Read More
Medical Device Law Firm in Vietnam

How to Import and Trade Medical Device

Import of medical device is a complicated process under Vietnam laws as it applies and impacts on human bodies. Ministry of Health is the Vietnam State Authority governing the import permit of medical device that requires import permit. Lawyers of law firms in Vietnam with experience in medical device should be consulted for the import ... Read More

Post Licensing Procedures

The issuance of the business registration certificate respectively the investment certificate is the first step to commerce operations.  However, even after the changes in the Vietnam investment law, there are some post-licensing procedures, as listed below, which can be time consuming and therefore should be kept in mind. The following  check-list should be considered: 1/ … Read More

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Granting Investment Registration Certificate in Vietnam

As Vietnam integrates further into the global supply chain, foreigners are more and more encouraged to invest in Vietnam in many areas for pursuing profit.  The foreign direct investment of the foreigners is required to be registered at Vietnam state authority to protect the rights of the investor. According to the Law on Investment 2014, ... Read More
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Which Authority Approves Business Setting up in Vietnam?

Investment projects in Vietnam could be evaluated and approved for business setting up at top level of the government, at ministerial levels or at the provincial levels. The licensing authorities for business setting up in Vietnam has been divided to distribute workloads at different state agencies with aim to speed up the process and attract more quality investment projects in Vietnam. In ... Read More
set up business in Hau Giang

Hau Giang Reduces 50% Investment Licensing Time

Hau Giang province affirmed to speed up administrative procedures reformation, reducing 50% of the time for granting investment licenses and business registration, creating favorable conditions for investors when they set up business. In which, Hau Giang province is calling for investment in 7 key projects, including industrial zone infrastructure development, hi-tech agriculture and ecotourism… with ... Read More
Work- permit- in -Vietnam

Issuance of Work Permit for Foreigner Online

From October 2nd 2017, the issuance of work permits to foreign employees working in Vietnam via Internet will be applied in accordance with the guidance of Circular No. 23/2017/TT-BLDTBXH issued by the Ministry of Labor - Invalids and Social Affairs on August 15th 2017. Accordingly, the issuance and re-issuance of work permits for foreigners will ... Read More
IP infringement lawyers in Vietnam

How Foreign Investors Could Handle Intellectual Property Dispute in Vietnam?

Foreign investor could handle intellectual property disputes in Vietnam through negotiation and mediation, arbitration or litigation depending on various factors. Intellectual property rights is the rights of organizations, individuals to the intellectual property, including copyrights and related rights, industrial property rights, including trademark, patent, and industrial design and rights to the plant varieties. Under Vietnam intellectual ... Read More
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Which Form of Investment – Branch or Company?

Foreign entities can set-up company or branch offices in Vietnam to carry out business activities. There are several main different aspects between opening a branch office or establishing a foreign owned company in Vietnam. Conditions Permits for establishment of Vietnam-based branches of foreign enterprise shall each have a valid term of five years. Foreign enterprise must ... Read More

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