Successfully Register a Vietnam Trademark in the U.S

Successfully Register a Vietnam Trademark in the US

ANT Lawyers as an Industrial Property law firm with full IP license under Vietnam laws represented Live Forever Young Co., Ltd to submit an international application of trademark Live Forever Young trademark which designated the US according to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) on October 2021.                 ... Read More
Trademark protection in Vietnam

Legal consequences of the trademark with origin in Vietnam and designation EU registered under Madrid system after Brexit

After 47 years being a member of EU, UK officially left EU on January 31, 2020. This is an almost half of century relationship, thus, there would be a number of arising confusion as well as the issue which is in need of negotiation to complete the process including trademark registration with origin from Vietnam. ... Read More
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What Are Obligations of Using Patent and Trademark?

When applicants of invention or mark are granted patent or trademark certificate, they are obliged to use these subjects. The reason for this provision which is, the owner may not use patents or trademarks in practical causing difficulties for the person who would like to use the patent and trademark in reality but cannot register ... Read More
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How Vietnamese Companies Could Register Trademark in USA

In order to expand business to the world market, the company should prepare the legal foundations before entering the foreign market or launching any products or services in another country. Many Vietnam companies aims to enter US market but there are opportunities and challenges.  One of our many issues are legal risks in intellectual properties ... Read More
Trademark registration services in Vietnam

 What To Do When the Trademark Certificate is Misplaced?

Trademark is a type of asset of individual and organization. To be officially recognized as an owner of that trademark, the applicant needs to submit the trademark registration dossiers to National Office of Intellectual Property in Vietnam (NOIP), pay the examination fee and certificate issuance fee to receive the trademark certificate. The trademark owner needs ... Read More
Trademark Infringement in Vietnam

How to Dealing with Trademark Infringement in Vietnam

                               Trademark Infringement in Vietnam According to Vietnam law on intellectual property, when detecting the trademark infringement act, the trademark owner has the self-protection right includes (i) apply technological measures to prevent acts of trademark infringement in Vietnam (ii) request organization ... Read More
Recordal of trademark assignment in Vietnam

Assignment of International Trademark Registration

In the progress of world integration, goods trading activities between countries and regions are becoming more and more developed, then the matters related to intellectual property is gradually being focused. The individuals and organizations are aware of the benefit of registration the intellectual property subjects. In particular, they registered internationally for their trademark when widen ... Read More
Transfer of Trademark Application in Vietnam

Transfer of Trademark Application

After filing of the application for a trademark registration, applicants might wish to transfer theirs application to others. There are lots of reasons for this but most of them derives from practical business activities and development needs of market, and society. For instance, two subjects transfer the application to each other for profit purpose; individuals ... Read More
Recordal of trademark assignment in Vietnam

Recordal of Trademark Assignment in Vietnam

Assignment of a trademark right means the transfer of ownership right by owner of such trademark right to another organization or individual. Trademark assignment in Vietnam be established in the form of written agreement. Oral agreements, letters or telegrams shall not be accepted and have no legal effect. Recordal of Trademark Assignment in Vietnam Required ... Read More
Infringements of intellectual property rights in Vietnam

IP Considerations in Technology Transfer to Vietnam and South-East Asia

On November 14th and 15th, 2017, European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam held a seminar for representatives from businesses and law firms “IP considerations in Technology Transfer to Vietnam and South-East Asia”. The seminar provides some sound advice relating to IP Considerations & Practical Tips for Successful Technology Transfer in Vietnam. Further, audience could learn ... Read More

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