Set up Joint Stock Company in vietnam

How to Transfer Shares in a Joint Stock Company?

According to Vietnam law, joint stock company is one form of typical company types in Vietnam.  For a joint stock company to be set-up, there should be at least three shareholders.  In the joint stock company, the charter capital is divided into equal parts called shares. Shareholders have the right to freely transfer their shares ... Read More
What Rights Shareholder Holds in Joint Stock Company?

What Rights Shareholder Holds in Joint Stock Company?

Shareholders are individual or organization that owns at least one share of the joint-stock company and also are owner of the joint-stock company. Along with these roles, their interests are tied to business operations although they may not directly manage the day-to-day company affairs. In order to implement governance, the powers and responsibilities of each ... Read More
Set-up Limited Liability Company in Vietnam

Differences Between Limited Liability Company and Joint Stock Company

How to distinguish a Limited Liability Company and Joint Stock Company?" Vietnam Law allows the establishment company in Vietnam in various forms. It is an important step in investment process. Investors could choose different forms depending on the needs and capacity on the ability to raise capital and sharing the risk in business as well ... Read More

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