Set-up business in Da Nang

Why Da Nang is a Place for Setting up Business

Da Nang has been creating flexible policies, good environments attracting foreign investors setting up company, building factory, and developing service business. Da Nang is a social and economic center of central area of Vietnam with the role as the center of industry, trade and tourism and service.  It is a seaport city, an important transport ... Read More
Medical Device Law Firm in Vietnam

How to Import and Trade Medical Device

Import of medical device is a complicated process under Vietnam laws as it applies and impacts on human bodies. Ministry of Health is the Vietnam State Authority governing the import permit of medical device that requires import permit. Lawyers of law firms in Vietnam with experience in medical device should be consulted for the import ... Read More
International law firm in Vietnam3

The Regulation on Science and Technology Enterprises in Vietnam

The science and technology enterprises (S&T Enterprises) means an enterprise implementing production and business science and technology service to make a goods or product from results of science research and technology development. The S&T Enterprise’s operation is based on the successful application and exploitation of research process in itself or the results of scientific and ... Read More
Set- up-company- in -Vietnam

Which Authority Approves Business Setting up in Vietnam?

Investment projects in Vietnam could be evaluated and approved for business setting up at top level of the government, at ministerial levels or at the provincial levels. The licensing authorities for business setting up in Vietnam has been divided to distribute workloads at different state agencies with aim to speed up the process and attract more quality investment projects in Vietnam. In ... Read More
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Propose to Remove Nearly 2,000 Business Conditions

The Ministry of Planning and Investment has proposed to remove nearly 2,000 business conditions from ministries and sectors that are thought to cause difficulties and obstacles for businesses. According to the report of the Ministry of Planning and Investment submitted to the Government, this agency proposed to remove 1,930 requirements and conditions on business that ... Read More
Foreign -Investment- Lawyers -in- Vietnam

Where Foreign Investors Obtain Investment License in Vietnam?

To set up a business in Vietnam through foreign direct investment, foreign investors need to register the investment license from Vietnam Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI). Depending on investment business lines, investment conditions, scale of the projects, where investment project is located, other Vietnam State authorities would be involved.  MPI in Vietnam takes charge ... Read More
Set-up representative office in Vietnam

Note on Setting up a Representative Office in Vietnam

Setting up a representative office is considered one of the simplest forms of investment in Vietnam. The representative office will help the foreign trader to lease office, hire people, open bank account, and promote the business activities in Vietnam market.  The chief representative if being foreigner will then could apply for work permit and temporary ... Read More
Set up branch office in Vietnam

How Foreign Entity Could Set up a Branch Office in Vietnam

How Foreign Entity Could Set-up a Branch Office in Vietnam A foreign business entity or a foreign trader is allowed to set up a branch in Vietnam to conduct business activities. Having the right to conduct business activities and make profit are how a branch differs from a representative office in Vietnam.  A branch depends on the ... Read More
Close _a _business_ in _Vietnam

How to Close a Business in Vietnam?

All corporations, companies, partnerships, branch offices, representative offices and other business entities are legal entities in Vietnam which can only be dissolved through formal procedures. I. What are the major challenges with closing a business in Vietnam? The main thing to remember throughout the process is that the dissolving company, a branch office or a representative ... Read More
Establish business in Vietnam

Enterprise establishment service in Vietnam

ANT Lawyers provides enterprise establishment consulting service for domestic and foreign customers as the following services: To consult to establish Joint Stock Company; To consult to establish One member Limited liability company; To consult to establish Limited liability Company with Two or more members; To consult to establish Partnership company; To consult to establish Private ... Read More

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