Procedure to change birth certificate in vietnam

How to Change Name on Birth Certificate in Vietnam? Changing family name, middle name, first name are considered changing civil status.  Due to different reasons that an individual needs to change his/her name or his/her children’s name on the birth certificate. Such changes are civil status changes governed under the Law on Civil status. However, ... Read More
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What Conditions to File Divorce Petition?

Divorce means termination of the husband and wife relation under a court’s legally effective judgment or decision. What is the condition of divorce? Firstly, we need to know about subjects being entitled to request divorce settlement. That is husband or wife or both having the right to request divorce settlement from a Court; a parent ... Read More
How to Legalize Birth Certificate in Vietnam

How to Legalize Birth Certificate in Vietnam?

How to Legalize Birth Certificate in Vietnam? Legalize birth certificate is the authentication of signature and stamp on the birth certificate issued by the foreign country or organization in order for that document to be recognized and used in Vietnam. In principle, the Vietnam State authorities only accept considering birth certificate that has been legalized, ... Read More
Birth Certificate for Newborn in Vietnam

How to Apply Birth Certificate in Vietnam?

For children of foreigner and Vietnamese born in Vietnam, the procedure to apply for birth certificate in Vietnam is carried out at the Vietnam's provincial Department of Justice. In today's globalized world, it has become more common that people from different cultural backgrounds travel, and meet their spouse. Their children were born with happiness however ... Read More
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News on the Procedure of Marriage Registration with Foreign Element

Vietnam law recently has some new regulations on the procedure of marriage registration with foreign element in Vietnam. According to the Civil Status Law, the changes in the marriage registration with foreign element entered into force on January 1st 2016. The new Civil Status Law has strongly decentralized for local government with the provision that ... Read More
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Judicial Record Card in Vietnam

Judicial record card in Vietnam Procedures to obtain judicial record card (criminal record/ police check) in Vietnam is regulated in the Law no. 28/2009/QH12  of National Assembly of Vietnam on Judicial Record. Judicial record card means a card issued by an agency managing the judicial record database and valid to prove whether or not an ... Read More
Birth certificate registration in Vietnam

Birth Registration with Foreign Element

From January 1st 2016, the Law on Civil Status of 2014 went into effect, replacing other documents on the registration and management of civil status. Accordingly, the law has clearly defined the authority for registration and management of civil status of the Commune People's Committee and the District People's Committee. Commune People's Committee in charge ... Read More
Change Birth Certificate in Vietnam

How Could a Vietnamese Change the Name?

According to the civil laws in Vietnam, a citizen's full name including first name, middle name and last name has been registered at birth in the birth certificate when properly issued. If a Vietnamese wishes to change the name, there must be a legitimate reasons and the process and procedure have to follow Vietnam Civil ... Read More
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Five types of real estate contracts abolished mandatory notarization procedure

As stipulated in Vietnam Civil Code 2005, almost all types of contract involving the transactions in real estate, notarization, and registration at competent authority are compulsory.  As real estate transactions are normally at high value, the process of notarization and registration would help parties involved to be protected from falsified transactions.  In order to improve ... Read More

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