The procedure for divorce in Vietnam involving foreign elements

How Divorce Procedures Involving Foreign Elements in Vietnam Are Regulated?

The procedure for divorce in Vietnam involving foreign elements is one of the complicated procedures. Therefore, when implementing this procedures, the parties need to pay attention to the related legal provisions to avoid problems when conducting the divorce procedure in Vietnam or involve family lawyers for assistance in preparing documents and filing petition, especially if ... Read More
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How To Determine The Child Custody in a Divorce?

Upon divorce, in addition to dispute over property division, child custody dispute is also popular. How to determine the child custody in a divorce depends on many factors and the parties are suggested to consult with dispute lawyers in Vietnam in civil matters.  The following does not try to give legal advice but a brief ... Read More
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What Conditions to File Divorce Petition?

Divorce means termination of the husband and wife relation under a court’s legally effective judgment or decision. What is the condition of divorce? Firstly, we need to know about subjects being entitled to request divorce settlement. That is husband or wife or both having the right to request divorce settlement from a Court; a parent ... Read More
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Guidance on Unilateral Divorce Procedure

Divorce is the termination of husband and wife relationship according to the court's legally effective judgment or decision. Divorce procedures are prescribed in the Civil Procedure Code, Law on Marriage and Family, Law on Mediation at grassroots... There are two forms of divorce in Vietnam: divorce at the request of one party (unilateral divorce) and ... Read More
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How Foreigners Could Marry Vietnamese Wife?

When a foreigner marrying a Vietnamese, this is cross cultural marriage with challenges and complexity in relationships which could be legally difficult. The Vietnam laws on Marriage and Family on marriage and family relations involving foreign elements provide legal grounds to avoid false marriages to gain citizenship or conduct human trafficking. The following should be ... Read More
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Property Liability of Husband and Wife in the Marriage Period

According to the laws of Vietnam, marriage relation is established between a man and a woman based on marriage conditions and registration. Marriage registration means establishment of legally valid marriage relation and is protected by State, binding the wife and the husband with certain liability – joint liability. Joint liability means a liability which shall ... Read More
Recognize Father or Mother for Child in Vietnam

Recognize Father for Child in Vietnam

How to Recognize Father or Mother for a Child?? It is a legal requirement in Vietnam to register the recognition of father, mother of a child regardless the child's parents are married or not. Such recognition shall be made on the newly issued birth certificate of the child. The recognition of the father, mother protects ... Read More
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Marriage Involving Foreigners in Vietnam

Cross culture marriage in Vietnam is getting more popular due to the further integration of Vietnam into world's economy and people relocation for better living. It is understandable that a foreigner who works and lives in Vietnam wishing to register marriage with a Vietnamese or even another foreigner under Vietnam laws. However, it is challenging ... Read More
Birth Certificate for Newborn in Vietnam

How to Apply Birth Certificate in Vietnam?

For children of foreigner and Vietnamese born in Vietnam, the procedure to apply for birth certificate in Vietnam is carried out at the Vietnam's provincial Department of Justice. In today's globalized world, it has become more common that people from different cultural backgrounds travel, and meet their spouse. Their children were born with happiness however ... Read More
Civil Statsus registration in Vietnam

Joint Circular 02/2016/TTLT BNG-BTP on Civil Status Registration in Vietnam Consular Office Abroad

Joint Circular 02/2016/TTLT BNG-BTP of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Justice regulates the registration and management of civil status at the diplomatic mission agency, consular representative offices of Vietnam in foreign country. The Joint Circular is issued on June 30th 2016. Under the provisions of this Circular, representative offices in the ... Read More

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