Successfully Register a Vietnam Trademark in the U.S

Successfully Register a Vietnam Trademark in the US

ANT Lawyers as an Industrial Property law firm with full IP license under Vietnam laws represented Live Forever Young Co., Ltd to submit an international application of trademark Live Forever Young trademark which designated the US according to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) on October 2021.                 ... Read More
Trademark registration services in Vietnam

Intellectual Property and Trademark Registration in Vietnam

Trademark is a sign for consumers to identify the goods or services of each company from those of others. In Vietnam, many businesses today have not paid sufficient attention to trademark protection. Only when their trademarks would be infringed by other companies or competitors, they really concern to protect their trademarks and business through trademark ... Read More
International Trademark Registration Under Madrid Protocol

International Trademark Registration Under Madrid Protocol/ Agreement

Trademark is the asset of individuals, and organizations which is protected independently in each nation therefore a trademark being registered in a country would still be a subject of violation in another country because it is not yet registered. Currently based on a trademark patent or a national trademark application, by filing an international application, ... Read More
Time limit of trademark protection extension

Time Limit of Trademark Protection Extension

Procedure of extending mark certificate in Vietnam As regulation of law on intellectual property, the mark, trademark or service mark, is one of protected subjects of industrial property right. However, to be protected by law, the owner of mark shall apply protection registration dossier to competent authority prior. When the owner registers and is granted ... Read More
Opposition of Applications for Registration of the Mark Protection

Opposition of Applications for Registration of the Mark Protection  

Vietnam Law on Intellectual Property allows any third party to have right to denounces the opposition of trademark applications for registration which have identical or confusingly similar signs. As from the date an application for registration of mark is published in the Official Gazette of Industrial Property up until prior to the date of issuance ... Read More
Opposition Procedures of Trademark in Vietnam

Opposition Procedures of Trademark in Vietnam

Trademark is the priceless asset of a company because of being used to distinguish goods or services of different organizations or individuals. Many international companies have found that others have registered trademark protection in Vietnam at National Offices of Intellectual Property (NOIP).                               ... Read More
Trademark protection in Vietnam

How To Protect Trademark in Vietnam?

Trademark protection in Vietnam Trademark protection in Vietnam is initially obtained through trademark registration. Trademark opposition could be filed to prevent a pending application for a mark from being granted application. Litigation is the final measure to handle dispute during trademark protection in Vietnam. Trademark is a sign that help distinguish the goods or services ... Read More

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