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How to Determine Penalty and Compensation for Damages from Breach of Commercial Contract?

When drafting a contract, especially a commercial business contract, in addition to basic provisions such as the object, scope of the contract, value and payment method, rights and obligations of the parties, dispute settlement, information confidentiality, and the regulations on the penalty for a breach of the contract and damage compensation are also very important. ... Read More
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What Are Regulations on Debt Trading Contracts in Vietnam?

Along with the development of socio-economic activities, right to collect debt has become an asset right, hence its transferability is also recognized. Vietnam law recognizes debt as a commodity that can be traded through a debt trading contract. However, in order for the debt trading contract to be legally valid and ensure the rights and ... Read More
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What to Note When Signing Labour Contract with Foreign Workers?

With the policy of opening the economy in Vietnam, not only Vietnam attracts investors to set up company, but also the demand for foreign workers in enterprises grows and diversifies. However, in order for Vietnam companies to be able to use foreign workers, they must sign a labor contract. After meeting the conditions specified in ... Read More
How to Determine Interest Rate for Late Payment Obligations in Commercial Transaction?

How to Determine Interest Rate for Late Payment Obligations in Commercial Transaction?

The most important obligation of the parties to a commercial contract is to deliver or provide services and pay in full and on time as agreed. However, in reality, there are times that one party or the parties fail to perform their payment obligations, causing damages to the other party. In particular, in the case ... Read More
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What Are Responsibilities of the Seller for Inadequate Delivery of Goods?

Delivering and receiving goods are basic obligations of the parties when performing the Contract for purchase and sale of goods. Specifically, in accordance with the law, when buying and selling goods, the seller must deliver goods and relevant documents, as agreed in contracts on quantity, quality, packing and preservation modes and other contractual terms. In ... Read More
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How Amendment to Contracts Can be Made?

Once a contract is made legally, contracting parties shall implement and such contract is respected by third parties. As stated in Civil Code 2015 (“CC”): “Each commitment or agreement that does not violate regulations of law and is not contrary to social ethics shall be bound by contracting parties and must be respected by other ... Read More
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What are Conditions for Cancellation of Contract?

When entering into a contract, the parties in a contractual relationship always aim for certain interests and purposes. However, in reality, the contract is not always implemented seriously and in good faith. According to Vietnam laws, parties are entitled to cancel the contract to protect rights and interests. Therefore, it is not rare for a ... Read More
When a Contract is Invalid Due to Non-compliance With Form?

When a Contract is Invalid Due to Non-compliance with Form?

Generally, contracts for sale and purchase of goods and service contract shall be expressed in verbal or written form or established with specific acts. For types of contract which must be made in writing provided by law, such contract must comply with such form regulation. Particularly, contract for international purchase and sale of goods shall ... Read More
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What Are Fundamental Contract Breaches in Law on Commerce 2005 and CISG 1980?

Fundamental breach is a type of contract breach, in which the Law on Commerce 2005 defines that a breach of contract committed by one of the parties is fundamental if it causes damage to the other party to the extent that the other party fails to achieve purpose of contract conclusion. The significant factor that ... Read More
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What is the Effective Date of the Contract and the Time of Ownership Transfer?

One of the most common disputes in contract disputes is the dispute on the effective date of the contract. In order to avoid these disputes, parties should refer to the nature of the validity of the contract as well as distinguish the difference between effective date of the contract and the time of ownership transfer. ... Read More

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