Labour lawyers in Vietnam

Performing Labor Contracts in the Period of Covid – 19 Epidemic

The Covid-19 epidemic has seriously affected the development of the economy and society. The situation of businesses being spacing as well as suspension of production and service provision happens regularly in epidemic-affected localities, and that also seriously affects the life stability of employees. Because most enterprises' financial situations get worse, so the businesses seem like they ... Read More
How Dispute Settlement Mechanism of ASEAN Work?

How Dispute Settlement Mechanism of ASEAN Work?

As economic cooperation has expanded, having an effective mechanism to resolve disputes arising between member countries has become an essential need. Therefore, since 1996, ASEAN has started drafting a Protocol on Dispute Settlement Mechanism, and this Protocol was signed by ASEAN Economic Ministers on November 20, 1996 in Manila (Philippines). The dispute settlement mechanism of ... Read More
Employment Contract Dispute Law Firm in Vietnam

How to Terminate the Employment Contracts Due to Economic Reasons?

Termination of a labor contract is an event that terminates the employment relationship between the employee and the employer. In particular, there are many cases of termination of labor contracts such as the labor contract expires, the work stated in the labor contract has been completed, both parties agree to terminate the labor contract, the ... Read More
How to Distinguish between Deposit and Advance Payment

How to Distinguish between Deposit and Advance Payment?

In commercial transactions, it is very common for one party to give the other party an amount of money before the contract being performed. Should this amount be considered as deposit or advance payment? Deposit is one of security measures for the performance of contract obligations. According to regulation of Civil Code 2015, deposit is ... Read More
Arbitration Lawyers in Vietnam

What is Statute of Limitation for Initiating Legal Action According to Arbitral Procedures?

Arbitration law always set the the limitation period for request of dispute resolution. This means that the law applies a specific period for parties to bring the dispute to the arbitration. According to law on arbitration 2010 (“LOA”), unless otherwise provided by specialized law, limitation period for initiating legal action according to arbitral procedures is ... Read More
What Procedures for Conciliation and Settlement of Land Dispute?

What Procedures for Conciliation and Settlement of Land Dispute?

Land dispute is one of the most complicated problems which arises regularly in daily life in Vietnam. Land dispute is very diverse, which may be dispute over land use right, ownership of house attached to land use right related to inheritance, divorce, transfer and transformation transaction, leasing, sub-leasing, mortgage, etc. What is land dispute? Land ... Read More
What Rights Shareholder Holds in Joint Stock Company?

What Rights Shareholder Holds in Joint Stock Company?

Shareholders are individual or organization that owns at least one share of the joint-stock company and also are owner of the joint-stock company. Along with these roles, their interests are tied to business operations although they may not directly manage the day-to-day company affairs. In order to implement governance, the powers and responsibilities of each ... Read More
Litigation lawyers in Vietnam

What Are Procedures for Postponement at the First Instance Court?

In case that civil lawsuit cannot be mediated or cannot conduct the mediation, the Judge shall hold the meetings for checking the handover, access, disclosure of evidences and mediation. In cases there are many parties in a case and some of them are absent but present parties agree to conduct the meetings and the conduct ... Read More
Contract Dispute Lawyers in Vietnam

What is the Effective Date of the Contract and the Time of Ownership Transfer?

One of the most common disputes in contract disputes is the dispute on the effective date of the contract. In order to avoid these disputes, parties should refer to the nature of the validity of the contract as well as distinguish the difference between effective date of the contract and the time of ownership transfer. ... Read More
Information technology disputes in Vietnam

How to Resolve Disputes of Registration and Usage of the National Domain Name?

Information technology disputes are disputes arising in information technology application and information technology development activities, including the disputes over the registration and usage of the national domain name ".vn". Domain names are names used to identify addresses on the Internet. Domain names are usually named after enterprises, trademarks, services, products, copyrights and geographical indications to ... Read More

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