What Rights Shareholder Holds in Joint Stock Company?

What Rights Shareholder Holds in Joint Stock Company?

Shareholders are individual or organization that owns at least one share of the joint-stock company and also are owner of the joint-stock company. Along with these roles, their interests are tied to business operations although they may not directly manage the day-to-day company affairs. In order to implement governance, the powers and responsibilities of each ... Read More
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What Are Procedures for Postponement at the First Instance Court?

In case that civil lawsuit cannot be mediated or cannot conduct the mediation, the Judge shall hold the meetings for checking the handover, access, disclosure of evidences and mediation. In cases there are many parties in a case and some of them are absent but present parties agree to conduct the meetings and the conduct ... Read More
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How to Prepare and File a Lawsuit in Vietnam?

If two parties have a dispute over a commercial matter in Vietnam, they should try to resolve disputes through negotiation, or mediation before considering to file a lawsuit against the other at a court in Vietnam. To implement their right to sue, the plaintiff must prepare and submit the claim at the competent court in Vietnam. ... Read More

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