Salary Payment Rules According to Labor Code 2019

What is Salary Payment Rules According to Labor Code 2019?

The employer shall pay the employee on the basis of the agreed salary, productivity and work quality. The salary written in the employment contract and the salary paid shall be made in Vietnam dong. If the employee is a foreigner working in Vietnam, the salary payment to foreigners can be made in foreign currency. The ... Read More
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Illegally Sacking Employee Could Be Imprisoned

This is a remarkable content which is specified in Article 162 of the Criminal Code 2015 and will take effect from July 1st 2016. Accordingly, any people indenting to self-seeking or for their personal motives that they do one of the following behaviors to make other people to be dismissed, fired, their families fall into … Read More

Operation License for Constructions in Vietnam

Report the Demand to Use Foreign Workers in Vietnam

In order to manage the usage of foreign workers in Vietnam, the Vietnam state authority has requested employers to provide explanation for such need to use foreign workers. This will be the preliminary procedure before applying for work permit in Vietnam then temporary residence card in Vietnam for foreigners.  The report of demand to use ... Read More
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New law that impact Work permit in Vietnam for foreigners

Vietnam has recently issued a new law that put a stricter control on foreigners working in Vietnam.  With the changes being implemented from early November of 2013, the process to apply for work permit in Vietnam will take longer and would cost extra fees. The work permit for foreigners in Vietnam will now require the … Read More

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